Can big data make for great art?

Or where people are more likely to describe themselves as “crazy,” or “lonely,” or “shy”? Using data from more than 19 million online dating profiles , New York artist and performer R. Luke Dubois created a series of color-coded maps showing how Americans in different parts of the country describe themselves when they’re looking for love. Women in parts of Oklahoma, Florida and South Carolina, and men in parts of Texas, the Midwest and Wyoming, for example, are more likely to use the word “lonely. Other maps show “the sexy,” “the bored” and even “the virgins. But in his project, called “A More Perfect Union,” Dubois went even deeper, sorting the profiles by ZIP code and assigning one word to each town and city in the country, to create his very own “road atlas” of the United States. New York City in a word? And daters in Montgomery, Alabama, are drawn to the word “conservative. Dubois said he included about 20, unique words in his maps, but cautioned that the maps aren’t intended to be taken literally — they’re meant to give the country a broad window into how people describe themselves and the people they want to be with. It’s really fascinating.

A More Perfect Union

Missed Connections is a website project created by R. Luke DuBois in There is a heaping number of fleeting moments described in this section, which prompts the question: if you post a missed connection, will the person ever find it? Because of this, DuBois makes an attempt at matchmaking by using the algorithm to find posts that refer to one another. Lines manifest between words, searching for similarities between the posts.

Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps. R Luke Dubois: Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps. Online Dating ProfileShape And.

Chicago area. Each decade the United States government embarks on a census of its entire population in order to update population numbers and demographic information that aids in the allocation of Congressional seats, electoral votes, and government program funding. But as helpful and interesting as this data is, what does it really tell us about who we are?

What about our likes, dislikes, feelings, and the ways we choose to define ourselves? Luke Dubois asked this very question and set out to answer it by joining 21 dating web sites and aggregating language used in the profiles of 19 million people. The data was then organized to create dozens of insanely detailed city and state maps that tell a wonderfully rich story about who we are, or at least, who we claim to be.

Via his artist statement:.

R. luke dubois dating map. Visual Art Source

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R. Luke Dubois Dating Map. The truth about online dating in the Over 40s Dating substance than just a selfieand important factor in dating. OkCupid is the only.

The datasets and subjects the mineral-rich areas he utilizes are far from obscure—Britney Spears, State of the Union addresses, speeches by Google founders. Yet, after unearthing common tendencies from each of these cultural icons, his multidisciplinary creations imbue in them a revitalized form of relevancy, which is then brought to life through his own brand of digitally-enhanced commentary. The piece synchronizes, whenever possible, the two candidates’ language, so that they deliver each others’ speeches in synchronicity.

The work regularly alternates between which candidate is the rhetorical leader, so that one video is always playing in a linear fashion while the other jumps around to match the other speaker’s vocabulary. Acceptance Excerpt from R. Luke DuBois on Vimeo. Or, as mentioned earlier, his work on the video piece Pop Icon: Britney , which used facial recognition technology to scour the internet for a stockpile of photos featuring Ms.

The photos blend in and out of one another yet her eyes remain stuck in a fixed position. See a still from the videos below.

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In the cosmopolitan U. In oil-town Houston, lonely hearts are looking for “rich” “entrepreneurs”, while in remote Maine, they desire “unmanly” “vampiric” types. Those are the words that come up most often on the profiles people write to describe themselves and their ideal soulmate when they join a dating site. Artist and composer R.

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DuBois holds a master’s and a doctorate in music composition from Columbia studying primarily with Fred Lerdahl and Jonathan Kramer , and worked as a staff researcher at Columbia’s Computer Music Center until DuBois has taught interactive music and video performance at a number of institutions, including Columbia, Princeton University , the School of Visual Arts , and the Music Technology and interactive telecommunications programs at New York University.

As a graduate student at Columbia he was a contributor to Real-Time Cmix. DuBois has collaborated with a wide range of artists and musicians, including Elliott Sharp , Paul D. His music integrates real-time performer-computer interaction with algorithmic methodologies repurposed from other fields, most notably formal grammars such as L-systems. His research into issues of musical time revolves around a technique called time-lapse phonography , as used in his piece Billboard.

The Unofficial Singles Census: Mapping Our Online Dating Lingo

Electronic Music Interviews Net Art. More Perfect Union, the last work by Luke Dubois United States, , artist, scholar, musician, represeted by the Bitforms Gallery in New York directed by Steve Sacks e Laura Blereau , one of the most influential exhibition centers in the digital art scenario, places itself as an interesting attempt to investigate the sentimental life of americans, through the digital visualization potential. The work is about a mapping of the american identity through an analysis of the 21 main online meeting websites.

The work was organized following the same heuristics of the american census. What would happen if we asked what kind of person we want to love?

It’s become common practice to associate R. Luke Dubois’ work with the term “​data mining” for a This data is compiled in a visual word map, which constantly fluctuates with the software’s Keep up to date with Dubois at his website here.

Are you lonely? This map, created from online dating profiles, may tell us a bit more about ourselves. In the results of the U. Census became clear: demographic shifts, population changes, and an increase in overall population are the usual things we can expect to find with every ten year aggregation. As the government collects data it presents a bigger picture of who we are as a country demographically, but who are we socially and culturally? Luke DuBois a composer, artist and performer wondered about this same question and with the most recent Census in mind, he created a piece titled A More Perfect Union , which is what he calls a “road atlas” of the United States.

It isn’t a typical road atlas anchored in the familiar and unfamiliar names of towns and cities, but rather is a “road atlas” of words provided by the people in those same U. In Washington, D. DuBois sifted through the profiles of men and women both gay and straight, and replaced the names of cities, towns and neighborhoods on maps with the words people used to describe themselves and their ideal partner. The word replacing the name of each city, town, or neighborhood is the word that a higher percentage of people in that place used on their online dating profile than anywhere else in the country.

A nationwide sampling shows many different words for many different places. In lower Manhattan you’ll likely find a partner willing to browse through the MET, as “expressionism” is associated with that part of New York.

The United States Of Lonely, Crazy, Or Sexy? An Infographic Census Of Love

Luke DuBois shared his work and perception on data and arts in the GovLab offices. DuBois holds a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University, and has lectured and taught worldwide on interactive sound and video performance. He has collaborated on interactive performance, installation, and music production work with many artists and organizations and was the director of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra for its season.

DuBois views his work as a journey in redefining the concept of human portraits using data.

An artist downloaded 19 million dating profiles and created a map of the US with the Courtesy R. Luke DuBois and bitforms gallery, New York.

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Luke DuBois skipped all of that and pulled data from the dating profiles on 21 websites. After a lot of analysis, he replaced cities and zip codes with the prominent word pulled from the profiles.

Online dating maps reveal kinkiest and loneliest places

Luke DuBois signed on to 21 dating sites and downloaded 19 million profiles. DuBois is an artist, and his material is information. DuBois, 40, spent a good part of his youth in London. Like Silver, he has a keen interest in politics. George W.

R. Luke DuBois, A More Perfect Union: Lonely, , ink on paper, 18 x 24″. project “A More Perfect Union,” –, for which he created statistical maps of the ways in which people represent themselves on online dating services—and.

Along with a simple count of heads, the census asks other questions which give us insight into our income, jobs, homes, ages, and backgrounds. This information is analyzed and published by the government, telling us who we are. But these facts and figures, interesting and useful as they may be, are not really us. What if, instead of seeing our country though the lens of income, we knew where people said they were shy?

What if, instead of looking at whether we own or rent our homes, we looked at what people do on a Saturday night? What if, instead of tallying ancestry or the type of industry in which we work, we found out what kind of person we want to love? That number has surely increased in the four years since. There are literally dozens of online dating sites, catering to different ethnic groups, gender and sexual identities, age ranges, and social classes.

R. Luke DuBois: “An Artist’s View”

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